Lightning to USB Cable (2 m)

This 2-meter USB 2.0 cable connects your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connector to your computer’s USB port for syncing and charging. Or you can connect to the Apple USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet.


Made from premium and durable Italian imported Alcantara materials, this material is also frequently used in sport cars interiors.
The Alcantara case gives your smartphone the style and protection it deserves.


Our specialists have designed the Alcantara case so that it fits fantastic on your phone. The focus was primarily on the function buttons. These are designed so that you can operate this with great precision.


One of the main focusses of the case was the protection of the camera, since they camera unit is about 1,5 mm higher than the rest of the phone it could easily break. We made sure that there is a slight edge near the camera made of a hard composite which will protect the camera in all environments

What is the estimated shipping time?

The estimated shipping time for the Netherlands is about 1-3 days.

In the Netherlands we use DHL and PostNL.

The estimated shipping time for Europe is about 3-6 days.

For europian countries we use Deutsche Post, but it differs which carrier Deutsche Post prefers to hand it over to outside Germany.

Are there any shipping costs?

The shipping costs are 2,99 euro.

2nd case 50% off

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