Exclusive Alcanside photoshoot at Roobol Exclusive

Exclusive Alcanside photoshoot at Roobol Exclusive - Alcanside


Welcome to the latest blog post from ALCANSIDE, the experts in luxurious alcantara accessories for Apple products. We've just returned from a breathtaking photoshoot at Roobol Exclusive, a place where luxury and style converge amidst the most exclusive supercars. Join us in this unique experience, where we captured our latest red alcantara collection.

Location: Roobol Exclusive – A World of Luxurious Supercars:

Our choice of location, Roobol Exclusive, was no coincidence. Surrounded by top-class supercars like McLaren and Lamborghini, we created the perfect backdrop that reflects the luxury and sophistication of our alcantara products. This setting underscores the connection between high-end sports cars, known for their alcantara interiors, and our premium Apple accessories.

Photographer: The Art of Perfection with Robin:

For this special shoot, we collaborated with our regular photographer, Robin. His expertise in capturing the essence of luxury and style is unparalleled. Robin's attention to detail and his ability to capture the unique texture and color of our alcantara products resulted in exceptionally aesthetic photos.

The Photoshoot: A Symbiosis of Luxury and Technology:

During the shoot, the synergy between luxury sports cars and our alcantara accessories was central. We captured our iPhone cases, AirPods cases, MacBook covers, and Apple Watch bands against a backdrop of shiny supercars. This combination symbolizes the fusion of technological innovation and luxury design.

New Collection: The Red Alcantara Line:

A highlight of the shoot was the unveiling of our new red alcantara collection. Inspired by the dynamic and vivid hues of the supercars at Roobol Exclusive, this collection adds a new level of style and sophistication to our already impressive range of Apple accessories.


Our photoshoot at Roobol Exclusive was not just a showcase of our new products, but also a celebration of the combination of luxury, style, and technology. With our new red alcantara line, we set the standard for premium accessories that offer both elegance and functionality. Stay tuned for more updates and check out our webshop to transform your Apple products with our exclusive alcantara accessories.

Behind the scenes:

Fotoshoot Alcanside Roobol Exclusive