iPhone Alcantara Back Cover - Ocean blue


Best camera protection

Our designers have been eyeing the best protection for your phone. They have created the best protection for your camera by raising the edges around your camera. In this way, your camera lens will never touch the surface providing optimal protection.

Make it personal

To make your phone even more personal we offer you the service of personalizing your product. Our engraving machine offers you an infinite number of possibilities. You can request a free design by clicking on the button below. Our professional designers will then get to work to create a beautiful design.

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Alcantara is one of the most beautiful fabrics available. It is made in the middle tip of Italy, Nera Montoro, nestled in the hills of Umbria. Alcantara is often used as luxury upholstery in the luxury sports cars. Think of the Audi RS6, Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW all have choices of Alcantara in the premium segment.

We want you to enjoy every day as you would on vacation. Back then we thought a phone, your wallet or your earphones you use that every day. You may see them more than 100 times a day. We wanted to create something for this that gives you the feeling of enjoyment. That we have done with the material Alcantara which comes from Italy. This equals also a symbol of our friendship. In addition, it is really a material that is  stylish, simplicity, business and sporty. Which suits you perfectly lifestyle. That's why our mission is to you be a little more aware make things true you should enjoy. By using our accessories you get the ultimate sense of enjoyment. This because you see them every moment of a day.