Toys And Noise 4.0

Toys And Noise 4.0

Sunday, October 26, Willem and Jelle attended the 4th edition of the Toys and Noise event.


Willem and Jelle are sponsors of this cool event and have made a special catalog for this in which they tell everything about their wide range, which consists of all kinds of Alcantara accessories for your apple products. The Alcantara products are handmade in Italy of the highest quality from the Alcantara factory in Umbria. 

In addition to the catalogue, they have also designed unique Alcantara cases for the organization. We have had the Toys and Noise logo engraved in the products to give it a very chic look.

The event

The event started at Autotron Exclusive where we were welcomed between all the luxury sports cars. We started towards beautiful Huizen around 11:30 am. Here we received a delicious lunch from PorterHouse. We then continued our journey towards Amstelveen where we drove through the beautiful landscape and finally stopped at the final location. Here we all ended the day with a snack and a drink. In short, a very successful event!


And now? At the next event we will certainly be present again as a participant and as a sponsor! If you are also interested in this event, take a look at the instagram account of Toys and Noise event. Click here for the account. If you are further interested in our products, please take a look at our shop.

If you would like more information about the personalization, you can always email us at