Personalization Sardo Tech

Personalization Sardo Tech

Today we were able to personalize the first ALCANSIDE products for our loyal customer Sardo Tech. We have personally personalized the iPhone Full Alcantara, Magsafe Wallet and the AirPods 1/2 gen for the Sardo Tech company with its beautiful logo.

How is it personalized?

We have found a partner in Arnhem who can engrave the products for us to the millimeter. Because the device is so accurate, we can dig anything you want. From a logo to an entire floor plan.

What's the next step?

The next step for us is to personalize great products with Sardo Tech as gifts for its customers. This gives the customer a sense of appreciation but is also an offline marketing booster. For example, the phone goes everywhere with you and is therefore often seen by people. After all, it also provides a professional image for the company.

What can we do for you?

It is possible as a private individual to have your products personalised. Send us an email to and we'll make it a fantastic product together.

For companies it is the perfect offline marketing booster. Your staff and yourself will look professional on the work floor, but also outside of it. Also at a birthday, for example, it is a good example that there is often a telephone on the table. If your phone is right there with your company logo, people are up to 3x more likely to want to know more about this and up to 5x faster than looking up your company afterwards.

If you would like to use personalized products for your business. Please feel free to contact us at